Twelfth Night 2011—A Celebration of a Coronation

A picnic in grand style as we Receive Our new King, Crown Prince Gabriel and Queen, Crown Princess Constanzia on the most auspicious date of 15 January 2011 being the remembrance of the Coronation of Elizabeth 1 of England in 1559, which can only bring prosperity and harmony to Lochac.

Join us for a picnic on the shores of beautiful Aspen Island in Canberra, partake of Merchants Row and Sideshow Alley, —and be awed by the procession of Coronation.

On Sunday, attend brunch, watch or take part in a Rose Tourney, check out the Merchants you missed on Saturday—and again enjoy the beautiful sight of Lake Burley Griffin.

Date: 15 / 16 January 2011

Site:15 January, Aspen Island, Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra (island has footbridge)

16 January, Nara Peace Park, Lennox Gardens, Canberra.


Saturday: Site opens 2pm. Coronation, Merchant’s Row, Sideshow Alley and a Twilight Fencing Tourney with the breezes off the lake.

Sunday: Peerage Meetings, Brunch, a Rose Tourney. Event closes 2pm.
Queries to Steward: Honoré Corbaut (Georgia Winter) honorecorbaut@gmail.com

Bookings to Muirghein ni Grainne (Naomi Clarke) hawkstwr@iinet.net.au (please fill out form on this website!)

***Please note: This event has now reached capacity. Please submit the booking form to be placed on the waiting list for this event. ***