Please note that rain is forecast this weekend. While there will be some shelter on the sites, we ask that you dress appropriately and in particular, prepare for muddy ground.

Event Handbook

Event handbook below. Thank you for taking the time to read this document.
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Timetable below.
Please note that some changes to this timetable may occur, subject to the whims of Royalty, Court Times and practicality on the day.

1.45pm Site opens
2.30pm Last court Edmund & Leonore
3.15pm Afternoon tea / Carnival starts
3.45pm Investiture
4.15pm Carnival
5.30pm First court
6.00pm Light Supper / Carnival / Armour up for rapier
6.30pm Rapier King of Hill tournament starts /meet with consorts
8.00pm Final court

  9.00am Chivalry Meeting
10.00am Pelican Meeting
10.30am Site opens to all
10.45am Armour inspection opens
11.00am Brunch
11.15am Armour inspection closes
11.30am Rose Tournament/A&S discussion with Queen/ A&S competitions judged.
12.45pm Laurel Meeting / Games
  2.00pm Closing Court