Menu for Twelfth Night

*note. This is subject to change depending on ingredients and the whim of the cook. Please note this is a picnic style event - there is no sit down "feast". Food will be served at different intervals throughout the afternoon/evening.

Name                                         Translation                                                   Safe for

Afternoon tea

Menyar D'Angels                          Angel's Food (Ricotta)                                        V, E, N

Hirchones                                    Pork Hedgehogs                                                G, D, E

Troute Baked or Minced                Trout Pasties                                                     N

Torta di zucche                             Pumpkin tarts                                                   V, N

Rissoles au commun                     Fruit Patties                                                     V, E

Rahat Lokhum                              Rosewater Jelly candies                                     V, G, D, E


A Bake Mete Ryalle                      Duck and chicken pies                                      N, D, E

Stwed Beeff                                 Beef Ribs                                                          N, G, D

Champignons de paste                 Mushroom tarts                                                  V, N

Pipefarces                                   Cheese Fritters                                                  V, N

Spinnage Tartes                           Spinach Tarts                                                    V, N

Compound Sallet                          Salad                                                                V, G, D

Rahat Lokhum                              Orange Jelly candies                                          V, G, D. E

Fruit                                             Fruit platter (grapes, plums, nectarines, peaches) V, N, G, D, E

Sunday brunch

Ymbre Day Tartes                         Egg, cheese & onion tarts                                  V, N

Tomaselle                                    Sausages                                                          N, D, G, E

Rissoles au commun                     Fruit Patties                                                      V, E

Cakes                                          Spiced Saffron Buns                                          V, N

Jumbals                                       Macaroons                                                         V, G, D

Fruit                                             Fruit platter (grapes, plums, nectarines, peaches) V, N, G, D, E

Note - Pastry to be made from gluten free flour. Dairy-free margarine instead of butter where there is no other dairy in the recipe/dish.
Where possible, gluten free flour to be used where flour is required in any dish.

N - nut free, V - vegetarian, G - gluten free, D - dairy free, E - egg-free